Why I’m here.


That’s the primary reason why I decided to start my own blog.

My love for books started as old as my memory can remember. I love books more than anything physical this world could give me. The fondest memory of me that I can remember is me wanting to buy alot of books and having my library (which is now coming into being).

I read almost everything. No specific genre. If I think that the blurb or synopsis seems interesting I’ll buy it. 🙂

I know that I have a book buying issue which eventually lead to me having a pile of books seven times taller than me now. 😀

I love reading but I don’t have friends who share the same passion with me. Which is so sad. I do have friends who read but not as muchas I do that’s qhy for us to discuss books. That is also one of the reasons why I decided to start blogging. If I can’t share my thoughts on a book to someone near me might as well share it to the world. 😉


I’ll fill this blog with my thoughts about the books that I read and/or everything about books. Be it novel, poem collection or manga. Come and stay with me as we travel the literaty world. 🙂

Welcome to my little space in the internet and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Why I’m here.

  1. wow! thanks for the follow! i followed back….i read this page and im glad i found this hahahaa….u love books? me, too! i love them more than i love eating rice! because of my love of books and stories, it eventually leads me to writing my own stories LOL…..mind tell me from where are you?

    my name’s Neen by the way…nice meeting you

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  2. oh i see! hahaha….my recently completed read is called “Phantom”…right now most of my reading list is from Wattpad hahaha….my genres are mostly classical like Phantom of the Opera, Little lord fauntleroy, secret garden, sherlock holmes, and any psychological thriller and the like….and then science fiction~

    oh, im a fan of hunger games trilogy…have read all 3 books in 2 days time.


  3. yahaha! i think you’re more a reading machine than me, since you have bought lots of books already! the recent one i bought is “Don’t Blink” by james patterson, a thriller book—i haven’t completed reading it yet hahha…oh you should try wattpad, a lot of good stuffs are there and it’s for free read hahha…in fact, i have posted my own stories there, too, but nah…it’s a science fiction story


    1. Naah, I’m working so I dont have that much time reading. I’m trying to commit myself into reading my physocal books since they are like alot already and they will continue to pile up sice I’m continuously buying. 😀 So I’m trying to avoid anything electronic for now.


      1. wow that’s even more amazing….hahahha i actually love physical books than electronics, but since im also working i find electronics more convenient in my case than carry the physical ones hehee….even so, i still buy physical ones when i think they’re worth my cents! ^_^


      2. I usually set a budget every payout for me to use in buying books, but I always go overboard my budget. 😀 I can’t help my self from buying books. I have a book buying problem, I know. I do have ebooks too.

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  4. that’s amazing hahaha! you really set aside some budget…maybe i should consider that too….mehee. sometimes i do that, but most of the time i don’t….hahahha! do you have your own library then? it’s my long time dream to have my own big, big library house! haha


    1. Not technically a library but I have like around 350+ books already. I’m still trying to set up and fix my shelves. It’s also my childhood dream to have my own library. 🙂 How many books do you own?


  5. 350+!!! wow that’s really a lot you know! i personally own 10+ which i have now in my apartment, most of my books were piled up way back home….but yours are a lot! you could make a small library out of it already….we have the same dream about library hahaha…

    im gonna start buy more books now….to catch up with you collection haha.
    ive been indulged into too much electronic books already…time to buy more physical ones hehe


  6. Hi Bong Bong, thanks for the follow. I’m having a problem finding your About page to see but anyway, it’s good to know a fellow book-lover and Filipino on WordPress as well. Unfortunately, unlike you, I’m not collecting books yet. I practically owned school’s libraries anyway. Haha. I’ve been friends with librarians my entire life. Right now, I am planning to start collecting and I’ll start with Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. If you will check the book reviews from Amazon.com, you might like to check it because the intro from Goodreads is not that appealing. Anyway, have a good day! 🙂


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    1. Yeah, I guess it’s hard when you’re on mobile. I have the same problems too.
      Yay, It’s good to know that you’re already going to start collecting books. E&P is a good start and a good book too. It’s the first and only Rowell book I read. Other’s are scheduled for next month 😉
      I’m already following you here 🙂

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