The Top 5 Intimidating-ly Thickest Books On My Shelf (Hardbound Edition)

After watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead yesterday night, which, if one may ask, my most favorite tv series, I ended up with nothing to do. I’m currently on a reading slump and I don’t feel like reading anything. I have this thing that when I am on a reading slump I tend to not enjoy anything that I read so as much as possible I tend to avoid my bookshelf. I just then decided to just play with the remote and look for a channel to settle. I just then settled in watching Disney Junior. (Don’t judge me! 😀 …..and who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse anyway 😀 ).

After a while, I got bored and finally decided to give my bookshelf a try for I am not yet sleepy (It’s already 11PM that time).

While browsing, I noticed a huge pile of “big books” (hardbound) at the edge of my bookshelf and I realized I have alot of them already. Most of the books came from thrift bookstores. Like what I discussed on my John Grisham book haul I am a sucker of thrift store books. With price ranging from P29-P60 and hardbound, who could pass them out? Not me of course. 😀 When I like a book it’s like me seeing an astray cat wanting to be taken home. Not that I am  comparing books with cats for I love them both.

I am not that fan really of hardbound books because I find them hard to read in the sense that it is not convinient for me since I love reading while lying in my bed. Hardbound books for me are to be read outside home which I seldom do.

I know of course that what I am doing is not a good practice. I just can’t help it. 😦 I promise to give the books a try soon.

I then decided to have this list. I used here the word “intimidating” to mean the books that I am not intending to read anytime soon because of length (and weight? 😀 ).

And so without further ado, below are the top five intimidating-ly thickest books on my shelf:


I judged my books based on the number of pages, the font size and style and margin.

5. The World According to Garp by John Irving


I got this book for P39 at a local thrift bookstore. I am a fan of John Irving and upon seeing this I snatched it on the shelf as fast as lightning. 😀 This book is 437 pages long.

4. The Help by Kathryn Stockett


The movie of the same title was from this book giving the book a huge following. Many of my friends recommended me to watch the movie and I thought, if the movie was good then definitely the book will be better (as what always happen ;). I only got this for P60 and it has 451 pages.

3. The Cider House Rules by John Irving


The second John Irvong book on my list, I got this one first before Garp. This one is cheaper despite it having deckled ages (which I am a fan of). I only got this for P29 and it has 560 pages. Now that’s a bargain. 😉

2. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen


I remember this book having alot of hype here in the Philippines a couple of years ago. I remember seeing a billboard of the book in one of the malls here. Upon seeing the book I know I have to grab it. I only got this book for P39.

I also have a mass market paperbak copy of the book which I tried reading early this year. I had a hard time connecting to the book so I ended up dropping it and getting a new one. I hope to finishing it soon.

1. Beach Music by Pat Conroy


Beleive ot or not, I only got this book for P10. I got this in its pristine condition at a warehouse sale of a thrift book store. Thank you Chapters and Pages! 😀

The store has this yearly inventory warehouse sale where they sell ALL the books at their warehouse for P10! It runs for a month including weekends and it offers a wide array of selection from children’s books to reference books. Talking about heaven! 😀 I’ll post an update here in my blog for the date that they’ll have it again. 🙂

Among all the books that I have in this list, this is the most likely that I’ll read the last. The font size is too small (628 pages) and it’s too heavy. I have to be honest that I only bought this book because of its cover. Yeah, a cover buy. I also have no idea who the author is before I bought it.

I eventually did my research and he was indeed a good writer. And to prepare myself for this book, I bought myself some of the books he wrote (which are shorter) for me to get used to his writing and eventually devour this monster.

And what like the title of this post suggests, this is only for my hardbound books. I’ll post another one for my paperback books which would be a little bit harder for me since I have alot.

And if in case you read some of the books that I have here on my list and you enjoyed it, feel free to let me know for who knows I might add it for my next month’s ro-be-read pile. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Top 5 Intimidating-ly Thickest Books On My Shelf (Hardbound Edition)

  1. Lucky that you had it in such prices! I’ve got thick books in my shelf, as well, but I had to pay for their original prices. I’ll surely visit a thrift bookshop this week! Lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s very nice, really. I’m near with a few bookshops, as well, but the titles are not appealing to me. Guess, I need to stick online. You’re welcome. 🙂


  2. I so love Beach Music in spite of its length (and also Prince of Tides). Some of Conroy’s books feel very autobiographical, depicting important phases in life life. 😊😊


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