My Thoughts About A Wrinkle Time by Madeleine L’Engle (Book Review #4)

The novel is about Meg, a misunderstood child of scientists who worked with her sibling Charles Wallace and their friend Calvin in saving her father who was transported to a different world after doing some experiment about time travelling. In their journey they meet loads of characters who some will befriend while some will test them.


My copy of the novel bought at a used bookstore.

The book discussed the relationship between family, friends, society, and one’s self. How we try sometime to fit to our family especially if we feel that we’re different, to the community that tells you that your diiferent, and to yourself who sometimes you doubt what you can do. It also discussed how we can overcome our weaknesses for the sake of our loved ones. It’s a classic story of good versus evil on a distant world.

The author presented a main character who is complex in nature. The growth of the main character in the story is imminent. From being all too stubborn to being brave and patient in dealing with the things that she can’t understand which eventually helped her triumph.

I enjoyed it but not as much as how I expected to enjoy it. It is engaging at some point but I had issues maintaining it. Maybe because, I expected too much from it. Some parts were like too abrupt for me. Generally the book was constructed in a way that the parts will perfectly come together but the specifics were not thoroughly discussed and are at some point vague for me. Some parts were not explained as thoroughly as I expected it to be like for instance even just a brief background of the characters and where they came from were not presented. Some characters are lousy and were just like placed in the story for the sake of it coming into being.

Maybe I’m becoming too technical in reviewing the book. My adult self reviewing the book maybe different from me reviewing it 15 years ago. I know that I should take note that this book was intended to be a children’s novel. From a children’s point of view, it may be a good novel but if you’re an adult reading it for the first time and you are the type who is more into details, I guess, you’ll have more questions than answers after you read this one.

Overall, I did enjoy the ride with it’s themes and values. How they were presented were just a little too cheesy for me as an adult. I hope I had the chance to read the book when I was oyunger. Maybe I would have rated it higher.

3.5/5 for me.

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