UPDATE: I’ve Won A Goodreads Giveaway Book

And so after trying my luck for almost a million time (XD) I finally won my very first Goodreads giveaway book!


If you love books then definitely you must’ve already heard about Goodreads. Goodreads is an online community of readers, authors and publishers. It’s like the Facebook version of booklovers. It gives detail about a book of any genre from the authors bio, publishing date, number of pages, synopsis, etc. It’s where you can review a book and read the reviews of fellow reviewers. It’s where you can set up your own virtual library where you can catalogue that books that you have read and reviewed and also books that you would love to read. It also where you can meet friends that share the same passion as you in reading a book.

Well the perks of being a Goodreads member is not yet over. 😀 Goodreads has this offer on its website where books (not ebooks but physical books) are being given as giveaways. I believe, this is a way for budding authors and also publishers to promote their books. It’s completely free! And in exchange, the winner should give an honest review for the book. Reviews are important since it serves as the fuel for a book to reach its goal of being popular and improve its sales. For we are most likely to buy a book that many people have read and recommended.

Whenever I visit the website I always go to the giveaways tab. Who wouldn’t want a free book anyway. 😉 So might as well try my luck. And luckily after like a million times of joining I finally won. I received the confirmation via email yesterday.


I won a copy of Shifting Allegiances: A Nigerian’s story of Nigeria, America and Culture Shock by Amaka Lily. The book was published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. I tried checking Goodreads and Amazon for reviews but it is limited so I’ll for sure be on a ride.


Synopsis about the book says:

“If you had told Deka in 2005, as she sat on a plane bound for America, that she would one day wish to be in Nigeria, she would have spat in your face. Nigeria had been hell for her. She lived in a one room boys-quarter with 7 family members. She could not go to college or get a job. Poverty and Corruption were rampant. Nigerians who had the means had since fled the country. She would have left sooner, but had lacked the funds to do. She was never coming back. She was sure of it. America was going to be great. She was sure of it. But seven years later, Deka was doing just that, trying to return to Nigeria. America had turned out to be a nightmare, and she wanted to return home. It hadn’t started out that way. When Deka first arrived, America had proven to be everything she had expected. But as America continued to unfold, she saw a side that no one had told her about. A side that she could not live with. On her first visit back, Deka realizes that not only has Nigeria moved on without her, but that she has changed. Irrevocably. She can no longer live in Nigeria the way she had previously done. Since she does not want to live in America, she arrives at a cross road. Does she continue with her plans to return to Nigeria or does she learn to work with America?”

Hmmmm sounds interesting. I’m much excited to receive the book. I’ll for sure have my review for the book. 🙂

6 thoughts on “UPDATE: I’ve Won A Goodreads Giveaway Book

    1. Thanks 🙂 Just go visit Goodreads and on the top portion of the page you’ll see Explore, then click it. Just scroll down til you see Giveaways. Then click that again then it will direct you to the list of books available.

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  1. So happy to see another person that appreciates those book giveaways from Goodreads. I’ve won a ton of books from them too. I think more than 50 already and some of them are signed books. 🙂 The latest I’ve won was the 2nd book from the Warm Bodies series. Although most of the books I’ve won are addressed in the US (to my in-laws). 😀


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