My Thoughts About The Pearl by John Steinbeck (Book Review #5)

The first John Steinbeck novel I read.


My copy of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl

The novel is about Kino and his wife Juan and their little boy Coyotito. The family is poor stricken and lives by fishing. The community where they live has a defining line between the rich and the poor. The turn of events started when Coyotito was bitten by a scorpion. Having no money, the only town doctor refused to help them. But by sheer “luck” on that same day, having no choice but to go to the sea to search for pearls for them to sell and which the money will be used for the treatment of his son, Kino found a big pearl, the size of a goose egg, the Pearl of the World as what the townfolks call it. And from there the luck that they thought they have was overturned. How Kino protected the pearl equated to Kino protecting the future of his family.

The novel’s primary premise is the study of evilness. The study of evilness among us which is one of the realities of life. It discussed what causes people to be evil at times and that being evil is already in the nature of humans. And it poses the question as to how we can equate fair and just with being bad or evil. The novel also discussed how our wants and desires could easily have their back against us.

The novel got me thinking as to what I’ll do if I were on Kino’s shoes. To be honest, I’ll do the same. There’s nothing wrong with what he did. He just wants security for his family’s future. He just wants freedom from being poor. They were just a victim of fate. He was a victim of his greedy community. And it’s so sad that fate turned it’s back from him that much.

Being the first John Steinbeck that I read, the novel left me with good impression as to how John Steinbeck writes and left me wanting to read more of his novels. John Steinbeck has a gift of words. While reading it, sometimes, I just have to stop to admire how he writes with vivid description of the place and the reaction of the people giving it the impact that I want when I read a book. The narration was so simple and clear that you could easily get through the book in just one sitting.

Overall, it’s a magnificent piece of novella. 🙂

5/5 for me.

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts About The Pearl by John Steinbeck (Book Review #5)

  1. We had to read this book for our final year in high school, as part of our Literature requirements, and I have to say that it was one of my favourite works! He really put forth the theme of ‘greed’ and how sometimes even with the best intentions, there is always a dark seed in the hearts of most normal human beings. If you haven’t done so yet, you should check out Of Mice and Men, it’s even better than The Pearl in my opinion. 🙂 But they’re both great reads.

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    1. Yay, thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 I’ll look for a copy of Of Mice and Men and add it on my to-be-read books this month. The Pearl introduced me to John Steinbeck and for sure I’ll read his other works. 🙂


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