My Thoughts About A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (Book Review #6)

“You do not write your life with words. You write it with actions. What you think is not important. What you do is what’s more important.” – from A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.


Now I understand why this book is very hyped up everywhere. Every booktuber on Youtube that I am subscribed has been raving about this so I know I have to get a copy of this book and read it. And guess what, the day that I finished reading this book is a day that I won’t forget. This book…this book is just masterfully crafted.

I thought at first that this is a children’s horror book but after reading it, yes this is about a monster but also no this is not just about it.

This is a story of a boy named Connor who is going through alot of problems at school and at home. At home her mother is dying of cancer, his selfish father is away dealing with his new family and his controlling grandmother whom he has to lived with has problems understanding him and plus school he can’t mix in with the other students who all seems like they no longer notice him at all out of pity because of his situatuation. Burdended, alone and isolated.

One night, a monster resembling a tree that overlooks their house came to visit him. Afraid and confused at fist, Connor was not able to recognize at first the reason why the monster came to their house. What he thought was a dream became a nightly thing which happens always at exactly 12:07AM. It was not of course a dream as when he wakes up, traces of leaves and berries are scattered around their house. Not only does he linger at Connor’s house, he even visited Connor at school once. But the thing was, he was the only one who can see the monster.

The monster is the most memorable character in the story for me. The author was able to personify the monster in a way terrifying but also understably amusing. During its visits to Connor he tells stories in exchange for the truth. Truth that Connor hides within him. Hiding it with fear and doubt. Fear that comes in his dreams and he constantly refuse to acknowledge. The stories became the baseline for the plot which is genius. I admire how the author was able to pull it through. The stories helped Connor realize and accept and understand the truth. Truth that he was at first hesistant to accept.

What I like most about the book is its honesty in delivering the story. It discussed things that a every person won’t normally delve into. Afraid that those things we kept long as secrets will come into being and haunt us. Those are the things that we’re afraid of but we have to face. The characters became believable in a way that you can feel what they feel.

The story revolves around the theme of acceptance. Accepting things you can’t change. Accepting things that are hard to believe but are factual. Accepting things that are, basically, part of this life.

I treasured the experience reading the book. I like how the tragic in the story was presented. Feels. Feels. Feels. It was presented in a way that I appreciated the value of things around me. It is grippingly relieving to finish this novel.

215 pages is a small book one might note but the words on the book were exceptionally engaging and simply written that you won’t easilly forget this book after you read it. I’m now at loss with words to describe how good this novel is.

I recommend this book to all those who went through what I call “misfortunes of life” or to all those who is currently going through that phase. This book will totally change your outlook about life. This book will totally change your outlook in life.

This book will definitely transcend generations to generations of audiences as it tackled some of the universal truths about life, about fear and acceptance, in a very unique way. 🙂

Easy 5/5 for me.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts About A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (Book Review #6)

  1. I’ve not read this book yet but I love Ness’s trilogy of the Knife of letting go etc which stayed with me for ages! His books are real page turners and certainly not just for teens! Great post, I must get reading this book asap!!

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    1. Thanks Liz 🙂 I haven’t read the Chaos Walking trilogy yet but I’ve been eyeing to read it for quite a long time now. I guess November’s the month for me to start getting into that series. 🙂


      1. I highly recommend it! I fell over the first one when it came out, finished it in 3 days and then had to wait months for the next instalment, and the same for the 3rd book which was agony!! I met Patrick Ness last year at a book signing and we chatted about the gaps between books – he said he knew it would be a long wait but that it heightened the tension! He did apologise though with a slight glint in his eye!! Hope you enjoy the trilogy, I particularly love the talking dog!! Squirrel!!!! ;o)


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