My Thoughts About We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (Book Review #7)

I don’t know how to start giving critique to this mystery book. I have a high expectation before reading this book and it lived up to that. It’s true that it is advisable that you should not know anything before reading this book because the ending is just… is just… epic!


The synopsis at the back of the book says:

“We are Sinclairs.
No one is needy.
No one is wrong.
We live, at least in the summertime, on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts
Perhaps that’s all you need to know,
Except that some of us are Liars.”

Vague, ehh?

The story revolves around Cadence Sinclair or Cady, the narrator of thestory, with her cousins Johnny and Mirren and their friend Gat (allfirst-borns). The Sinclairs are known for being a wealthy All-Americanfamily. Every summer, they spend their time on their private family island, the Beechwood Island. And that’s where all things climaxed. I guess that’sjust what you need to know about the book. I read the book not knowing anything about it and I am happy that I followed what was advised to me not to do any further research about the story of the novel because it will ruin everything.

This is another novel that I read because this is very hyped up everywhere.I was told that you would either love or hate the book, no in between. Andto be honest, I loved it.

I also need to be careful giving my review about this book because whatever I say might give you a hint as to what you’ll expect from it. Promise, I’ll be careful. No spoliers. 🙂

Intense. The writing is so effective. Being a mystery book this book gave me chills while I was reading it. It also gave me some sort of sympathy to the characters like I was watching a family drama. The problems they have are so real and I like how the author was able to present that.

The first few chapters will introduce you more to everything about the Sinclairs. Their world is quite envious with all the riches that they haveand the things that they can do. It is where everyone would want to be but like any other family they do have secrets. I enjoyed the first couple of chapters it much as it really gave me a thorough preview of how deep the relationship of each character. At first, it paced so slowly. I liked how the book started sketchy then developed a clearer picture as you go on reading.

The characters are relatable in one way or another. The author primarily focused on Cady, Cadence and her character really received most of the character development in the story. I just hope all the other characters received the same treatment. Some of the lines are too strong that sometimes I felt it was being thrown to me.

Some of the chapters are tended in present and some in the past. Flipping back and forth. There are just some chapters that are quite off for me and it quite comfused me not knowing if I am reading a situation currently going on or if it happended in the past.

Midway reading it, unlike any others who said that they already picked up some things as to what is going on, on my part I was still clueless. I don’t know if I’m just “slow” or because I was just to giddy to finish the book to know what the unexpected twist at the ending will be that I missed some of the important points and clues.

And so about the ending. I didn’t see it coming and I was caught off guard. The ending was well executed for me. It was done on a perfect timing. It was revealed when alot of things are going on then BOOM!, there’s the revelation. Remembering this wants me to go back to the time when I haven’t read the novel yet and wanting to read it again.

Love. Family Drama. Mystery. Tragedy.

Overall, The story is quiet twisted but I like how twisted it is. It is different and unique  and I like how different and unique it is. The novel is too hyped up and it deserves it. I liked how it vaguely started and how it unraveled at the end. 🙂

“What if we could somehow stop being the Beautiful Sinclair Family and just be a family? What if we could stop being different colors, different backgrounds, and just be in love?”

Read it everyone and jump into the bandwagon. It’s worth it.

5 out of 5 stars for me.

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