My Thoughts About Trese Comic Book Volume #1 (Murder on Balete Drive) (Book Review #13)


And I finally decided to start reading comic books and what better way to start than on Filipino comic books. 🙂

Trese is a horror/crime comic book by Filipino writer Budjette Tan and Filipibo artist Kajo Baldisimo.

I have reservations before in buying comic books because I am not really into reading that type of material aside from it being so expensive sometimes and you only got to read so little out of it. And I don’t know what got into me when I walked into a bookstore one day I passed the comic book section and I saw the Trese series that I have been seeing everytime I pass that section. I also am hearing alot of buzz about this series especially from my friends so I said to myself why not give it a try.

I browse through a couple of pages which is about a white lady that was killed (now that’s new to me) and enjoyed what I read so I finally decided to buy not just the first volume but all the five available volumes. (I was later then informed that the sixth volume will be release this December so I guess that’s what we call good timing 😉 ).

The series is about Alexandra Trese an investigator who works with the police in solving crimes involving supernatural origins. She is assisted by her boys, the Kambal, in this job. The stories in each volume incorporates Philippine pop culture and Philippines folklore.

The first volume is compose of 4 stories. The first is about a white lady in Balete drive that was killed, the second being a Tikbalang using his prowess to reign supreme is the drag racing world, the third is about a fire kinda man thing, witches and santelmos and the fourth one, which my favorite among the four and is a tribute to Mars Ravelo, is about a brother of a Filipina superhero who takes justice on his hands. I don’t know if I’m being rude if I say that I laughed at the last story. I never expected that twist and I like how the author did that. 😀

After finishing the book, I realized that the author is clever enough not to divulge all the back stories of the characters as you would want to get the next series to know the answers to your questions. And it worked.

The idea is unique and I like how the stories were so simple and to the point and not that dragging (I just wish that it could be longer maybe like an additional 2-3 pages each story).

The illustrations were also perfectly made. The writer and the illustrator really are a good tandem. I like that it is just plain black and white. 🙂


It is also good to note that the take of the book deviated from the usual Western style or Japanese Manga type of thing. Many of my friends have been recommending this to me because as per them this is a breath of fresh air form the usual comics that they read. I believe this is because this is something closer to their heart as the setting and theme is Filipino related.

I am happy that this book is the book that introduced me to comic book reading. I fell in love with it. I never imagined that I would enjoy reading comics books. This is something that needs to be circulated around the world, introducing the Filipinos as serious comic book writers and artists.

Amazing amazing. Can’t wait to start the second book.


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