My Thoughts About The Kingdom Lights by Steven V.S. (Book Review #14)


What a read! 🙂

Floating cities + unusual creatures and characters + magic = my perfect combination of elements for a good YA read. That sums it up why I enjoyed reading this novel. 🙂

This novel chronicles the story of 12-yr old Celes, a Midgard-born young lad who was sent to study magic in Gardarel, a place so different from where he grew. Due to some turn of events, Celes discovered that he is capable of doing powerful magic which in turn became useful in him saving the world where he grew.

The novel got me hooked immediately after I started reading it. I like how the storytelling was to the point and not dragging making it very easy to read. It flowed smoothly. I also how the storytelling made me feel like I was one of the students in Gardarel watching Celes’ every move and becoming his shadow wherever he goes without him knowing and meeting his friends that he met and rooting for him on his fights.

The story is fast pace but the author made sure that all major details were not left out making it as concise as possible.

What is very commendable with the book is its character development and world building. The idea of having floating cities with unusual characters and creatures plus magic might seem to be a very complicated and complex thing to read considering all the things that needs to be explained. The author was able to pull it through. I like how the author was able to explain things in the world he created in a way that is easily understood that even non-fantasy readers will be able to get through. The terms used where not overwhelming making you not to back read while reading it. Loving the book, I just wish there were more back stories to some of the things mentioned in the book for some of the discussions lightly touched those areas. The discussions made though, were enough to understand the whole story.

The characters were portrayed in a very natural manner. I like the idea that the characters seem to not follow certain lines when they say something. The actions between characters are so natural making you feel, like I said previously, like a part of the book. I like how the main character, Celes, grew from being a timid boy to him finding his own strength. Unlike other books, all the other characters grew with the main character too. The novel was also able to emulate how a normal household and school atmosphere goes and the feelings that each character is displaying on those instances became so surreal and believable. I also like the different set of characters and creatures that were played out for the book for it made the storyline more intense. The characters were a mixture of funny and serious individuals of different backgrounds making the novel even more memorable.

Overall, the novel is a fresh coming of age story of a young boy coming to terms with his fate while at the same time trying to find himself. His road going through it rough but with the help of his friends and family he was able to get though it. There’s that foundation of love and trust as the main thrust of the story. Being a children’s/YA book I also like how the novel stayed away from all those too much violence and profanity that is slowly becoming a norm in that genre.

I can’t help but remember myself watching Harry Potter, Narnia, City of Ember and the Japanese animated movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky while reading this book. And I like that feeling. Watch out for this book’s ending for it is completely unexpected.

A book 2 maybe? 😉

5/5 stars

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