A Quick Update: My Harry Potter Book Set! (At last!)


Lo and behold! 😀

And I finally completed my Harry Potter books! 😀 I’ve started collecting it late last year and thought of completing it before my birthday as my birthday gift to myself. :)) My birthday was last January 11 and I managed ti complete my set last January 19. Eight days late but it’s totally fine. 🙂

Buying the set brand new will cost me a fortune so what I did was to browse every secondhand bookseller sites and deal with different seller for me complete my collection. Brand new paperback copies of each book cost like P400 ($9) and buying all 7 is like P2800 ($63) and wanna know how much did it cost me to buy all the books? I only them all for P1200 ($27). I know, i know I have to pat my back. 😀 It’s very tiring to deal with different kind of sellers but it’s totally worth it especially when I see the books on my shelf. 🙂

I can’t wait for February to start because I’m planning to dedicate the whole of my February in reading just the Harry Potter series. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Quick Update: My Harry Potter Book Set! (At last!)

  1. They look so great together! And congrats on reaching your goal of buying them all. I love it when they all match, I have so many series with different cover editions and although I still get to read them they just don’t match! 😀


    1. Somerimes I am like that. 😀 I always make sure that whenever I buy books from a series, the spines should all be matching. But when I really like a series and I can no longer wait for the other books that is matching with what I have first, I no longer mind it. At the end of the day I have the book and that’s what matters. 😀

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