My Thoughts About the Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd (Book Review #28)


“Someone who thinks death is the scariest thing doesn’t know a thing about life.”

― Sue Monk KiddThe Secret Life of Bees

The feels. The feels. The feels. Set during the early 1960’s in South Carolina on the height of desegregation, the novel is about the story of Lily Owens and her search for the true meaning of family. Raised by her unloving father in a peach farm with the help of her black nanny, Rosaleen, Lily had troubles growing up. It revolves around her search for belongingness at school, in his community and also at home.

Due to unexpected turn of events Rosaleen and Lily escaped their community and went to Tiburon, South Carolina that holds secret of her mother’s past. There they meet the three beekeeping sisters that took them in. They also meet the Black Madonna, who would later play a major part in Lily’s search for answers.
“It is the peculiar nature of the world to go on spinning no matter what sort of heartbreak is happening.”
― Sue Monk KiddThe Secret Life of Bees
I love this book. Amazing storytelling. An easy read. You could feel the depth of each character and how the author managed to interlock each one of them. Characterization was so good. Each chapter is started with a blurb about bees that, for me, prepared me for what I was to read. It was a cry-laugh-cry-laugh situation for me while I was reading this book.

The book has its “home-y” feeling when you read. While reading it I felt like I was with the characters and I was one with them in the heat of the sun with the bees. I was with them during the conversations that they make. And I was one with them laughing at every point. It is a heart-warming read.

The book is full of life lessons about growing up, love and acceptance.  It talks about how decisions that we make could affect our future and how we should and stand for what we believe in without others influencing it. It also talks about how “families” can be formed even if we’re not related to each other by blood.

Overall, it’s a must read. An easy 5/5 stars for me.

I demand a sequel.

“After you get stung, you can’t get unstung
no matter how much you whine about it.”
― Sue Monk KiddThe Secret Life of Bees

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