My January-February Collective Book Haul!

And yes, I did it again. Despite the number of books that I have not yet read at home, I, again went crazy in buying new books. -_-

January is my birth month and what other good way to celebrate my birthday than buying new books. 😀 Some of the books were also given to me as gifts.

Then came February, the love month (for them). 😄 Well as for me, being single, what other good way again to celebrate the love month than buying new books again! Me + Books = Love Hahaha

Well, I actually did not buy all of these books. I found some book book swapping and buying pages on Facebook and that’s how I spent my last few weeks, meeting other bookworms and swapped and sold some of my books to them and the money that I got from that was the money that I used in buying a couple of my new books. So if you noticed some of the books are preloved. While some, I got them on book sales from various book stores.

Most of the books that I got are the ones that I am most excited about. I am lucky enough to get them at cheap prices. And here are the books that I got the past two months. 🙂

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10945558_1078021762212968_5024101290498001800_n10998313_1078021232213021_9068057788958462814_n11053129_1078021388879672_6222960069623333409_n 10417820_1078021842212960_7064605136461284418_n 10422269_1078020585546419_1725002825397696265_n 10423262_1078021878879623_5222826225110934107_n 11012376_1078021622212982_1326246114374120755_n11021222_1078021308879680_698890476301805925_n11025811_1078021032213041_3087843939389340512_n11049525_1078021805546297_724662499904144166_n19504_1078020382213106_8625038737454182794_n11038103_1078020432213101_2021158969764475261_n11009340_1078021682212976_7348120500505051185_n10945558_1078020462213098_48954730632926066_n644432_1078020498879761_616200779525853194_n11045370_1078020652213079_5714225661091672453_n644394_1078021722212972_4800320091474705270_n10421951_1078020338879777_6898452194374026026_n11021081_1078021488879662_8069478431170101652_n11036073_1078021435546334_3702838995554344519_n

Selling and swapping some of my books is quite painful. I told myself before that I will never ever sell any of my books. I consider my books as my babies. And what parents in the world, in their sanity, would sell or swap their babies. T___T But then, I ate my words. Something hit me, and one day I woke up realizing that I already have a small space left for new books that I’ll soon acquire. And upon further checking, I noticed that I have some books that I have two copies of while some that I haven’t not even read are already quite old. So I gather all my courage and decided to let some of my books be adopted and let other people have and read them. Because, I realized you only want the best for your babies. 🙂

On the span of two weeks, I already lost count of the total number of books that I sold, swapped and got. What I did not lost count is the number of new friends that I meet and the number of conversations that we had about books. Bookworm meeting other booksworms is indeed one fo the best things. 🙂

Thinking about what I did with my old books, I realized that I made a very good decision. I did not earn money from selling my books because I only sold them for very cheap prices and like I said I used what I earned in buying new books. But there’s that satisfaction that I felt when I hand the books to their new owners. Most who got my books are students and knowing that I am spreading the love for reading is something that I am proud of. It came to a point that it’s like I am already giving my books for free and even giving the students free books. I usually do my transactions after work and meeting people from different places is a tiring one but once I got home and think about my day, it was like I fulfilled something noble.

For the love of reading! 🙂


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