My Thoughts About Gone by Michael Grant (Book Review #32)

Imagine a world without adults. Imagine a world where only 14 years old and below lives in this world. Imagine a world ruled by children. Their worries shifted from their normal home and school issues to their struggle for survival. That is what this series is all about.

Gone is the first in the six-part young adult series by Michael Grant. This follows the story of a small town, Perdido Beach, a fictional town in California, where in a blink of an eye everyone in the community aged 15 years old and above disappeared and no one knows whether they die or go to the other side of the wall. An opaque dome surrounded their community and there seems to be no escape with a 10 mile radius from the power plant which sits at the center of the dome. GONE.
“One minute the teacher was talking about the Civil War. And the next minute he was gone. There. Gone. No ‘poof.’ No flash of light. No explosion.”
― Michael GrantGone
Those children that were left had to deal with the consequences of being left with no one to guide them. They called their area FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone). Mutated animals began appearing like talking coyotes and flying snakes. And also they have to deal with the powers that others possess. Also all had to deal with the power struggle that started happening. And lastly, deal with a mysterious and horrifying creature called the “darkness” that lurks near them.

This is one of the series that I’ve been meaning to start before but because I still have a lot of books to read, it keeps being pushed back to the books that I’m planning to buy and read. The premise of the book hit me. But one day, I saw a copy of this book at a used book store and immediately picked it up and I find myself no excuse to read the book since I already have a copy.

The book reminds me of the synopsis of Under the Dome by Stephen King and Lord of the Flies plus X-Men. Both books I own but have not read yet and reading this book made me think that I somehow I got a grasped of what’s in those two books but of course not totally thinking that the plot is the same.
“It’s vital to keep a sense of humor when the world seems to have suddenly become a very strange place.”
― Michael GrantGone
For a first book, Gone perfected all the elements that I want to start a series. It is one of the few books that got me so hooked. No part of the books is boring for me to stop and read other books. The writing is very consistent all throughout the book. It is very fast paced but with no overlooked details. I like how the book became like a series of question and answer. While reading it, I had questions that began forming and some basic questions were answered as I go through the book. (But since this is just the first the series, of course, don’t expect that all questions will be answered.) I like how the scenes were played. I also like how the twists and turns were added to make the story even more satisfying.

All the characters were developed. Readers will be introduced to the main protagonist, Sam, and the main antagonist, Caine, who have an unexpected connection with each other. Both have powers. Both used their powers differently. The other used it to save others while the other used it to terrify others and conquer the new world where they lived. Some other characters were also given depths. I like how they were made to be individually perfect and distinguishable as a character. All have flaws which made me appreciate the character building even more. Despite having a lot of characters, the book is still easy to follow for they were given their own perspectives at some points in the book. The characters are all relatable.
“So many things I’m not, and so few things I am.”
― Michael GrantGone
The author’s world building in the book was so creative. I believe that the author’s detailed writing made the book easier to follow despite having a complex setting. The book, though, has a map which made the scenes easier to follow as the characters move around the domed zone.

It showed the potential of every of every person to be evil when we are triggered by different factors. It showed the tendency in each of us to be doubtful or abusive in times of hardship. This book proved that if there’s a will there’s a way. With limited resources, many people can still find ways to survive. With the help of friends nothing is impossible. With the help of your determination and hope all is possible. The book values friendship among others.

The book has parts that are intense and violent and reader’s discretion is advised.

This book has a part for every fantasy, YA dystopian, science fiction and horror fans out there. Totally engrossing.

I should have picked this up sooner.

4.5 stars out of 5.

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