My Thoughts About The Walking Dead, Vol. 01: Days Gone Bye (The Walking Dead #1-6) by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore (Illustrator) (Book Review #37)

5 stars out of 5.


The first volume contains issues #1 to #6.

And The Walking Dead Season 5 just ended and I have to wait until October for it to resume. I’m a fan of the TV series and waiting that long is too much to bear especially since the scenes are getting more and more exciting. And so I decided to start reading the graphic novel that started it all.

A lot of things have been happening on the series where clues are like appearing and being a fan I don’t like the feeling that I’m being left out or I’m missing anything. I was hoping that reading the graphic novels will make me even more understand the direction as to how the story will go. I’m just hoping that the TV series won’t totally take a different course as with the graphic novel.

The Walking Dead started my love for zombie killing type of movies and TV series or anything that has something to do with zombies. I am not really a fan of action themed or even horror films and books but there’s something with zombies that really got me hooked with them. The show started it all for me and reading the graphic novel will definitely make me even more love the show!

This is the story of Rick and his family as he, his family and new found friends tries to get into terms with their life with the undead. After being hit by a bullet during one of their police operations, Rick woke up from a comatose at the hospital alone. He doesn’t know what happened and it seems like he’s the only one living. He tried to search the perimeter grounds of the hospital and had his first encounter with a zombie. Almost unable to survive he decided to leave the hospital and go back to try to check his wife, Lorie, and son, Carl. While searching the ground, he was mistaken as a zombie by a child who hit him on the head with a shovel. He again then woke up and meet Morgan who lived at the house of Rick’s neighbor. Morgan lives with her son, Dwayne, and they survive day by day by staying low key. They feed Rick until Morgan told him that most of those who survived were at the big cities. Rick then decided to go to Atlanta where Lorie’s family is.

It was a different Atlanta from how Rick expected it to be. Upon entering the city, he was swarmed by a hoard of zombies and almost didn’t make it. Thankfully, he was saved by an Asian guy named Glenn to walks along the city scavenging for supplies that he delivers to their camp. Rick decided to go with him. And their, with a shock, Rick reunited with Lori and Carl. If you think that I already gave away the total plot of the story, well, that is just the beginning. We then follow as the Rick works with the other members of the camp of survivors who are all equally determined to survive until help arrives specially with his friend and co-police officer, Shane, who seems to have an eye with Rick’s wife.

I already know how the story will unfold but many of my friends say that the graphic novel and the TV shows have differences. And yes, they were right. The TV shows gave more drama as to how Rick finally reunited with his family and also the different set of characters in the camp. To be honest ,it’s kind of odd and weird to attempt like I don’t know what will happen to most of them since, like what I said, I’ve been watching the show since Season 1. Even though it’s hard, I believe, I’ll just think that I haven’t watch the TV series yet and I’ll read the The Walking Dead graphic novels blindly where it’s like I have no idea what’s going to happen. And because at this point, it’s pointless comparing the two.

The graphic novel version made a strong introduction to the story. Storytelling is on point. The art is very detailed. I like the balance between the art and the story. One does not overpower the other. The author and the artist was very effective in combining their art and word. Obviously, the book didn’t disappoint me.

The novel, overall, is very engaging and gripping. It was easy to read and has a good pacing. Despite being just a graphic novel where expectations should be controlled, this one got me hooked. I was able to feel whatever the author wants to convey. I felt connected to the story and to the characters. What the book presented is a set of dynamic characters (though they were all not yet developed considering that this is just the beginning). Like the TV show, I like how the twists and turns could immediately happen in the blink of an eye.

The graphic novel has this theme of us imagining a world with no government, no laws and with zombies. It is a tale of survival. This talks about the length humanity will go to survive in a world where the society breaks down for it will release the best in some and the worse in others. The author and the illustrator made the novel realistic for the readers to ponder upon.

I am excited how the the graphic series will go and this will fill me up my longing for the TWD series.

5 stars out of 5.

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