My Thoughts About The Walking Dead, Vol. 02: Miles Behind Us (The Walking Dead #7-12) by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore (Illustrator) (Book Review #38)

4 stars out of 5.


This second volume contains Issues 7 to 12.

This one follows the team as they left the campsite outside of Atlanta after realizing that they are no longer safe there after their camp was attacked by a roaming group of zombies where they lost some of their friends and adding to it the feud between Rick and her Shane with the after being killed by Rick’s son, Carl. The group decided to hit the road to look for a more stable place.

The team tried to live in the RV which was owned by Dale, an old man trusted by many at the campsite. Living the RV became very hard as they have to pack themselves all in that small space. And the winter season is not helping them. Along the way they meet new members Tyreese, Julie, and Chris.

They then found a subdivision they thought was the perfect site but then they were wrong as it was overrun by zombies. The team barely made the escape and some of the members were killed during that encounter. An accident then happened to Carl while they were scavenging the forest for food lead them to a farm, headed by an old man named Herschel Greene who lives with his family, where they thought they will spend the rest of the time to start a new life but some secrets were revealed leading them the other way.

We follow as everyone’s trust and patience is tested. How they find solace with each other and how they learn to work as a team. How they tried to fend off their own fears to survive. This is the part where the story is already veering away from the zombies but to the emotions of the characters and how they tried to survive and adapt to their changing environment. How each showed their own coping mechanisms to what is happening around them. With the struggle to survive, I like how the story showed the vulnerability of each one of us to either be good or evil in times of trouble. This compendium made me even more feel how realistic the characters are. Among all the characters, I like Glenn the most because he is someone that I can connect to easily. I also like his relationship with Maggie. They are the only couple in both the TV series and graphic novel that I appreciate.

The artwork is something that I enjoy more and more as the story continues. I like how the detail on each panel is presented. I like how dark and how the illustrator put details to the scenes. And the black and white art really suits it fine. I noticed, though, that there has been a change in the illustrator and there are sometimes I keep confusing myself with the face of the characters as they sometime look the same. It’s bothering me sometimes.

And also I start noticing how fast paced the story is becoming which sometimes makes it harder for me to invest with the characters. Having continuously watching the TV series, and yes, as the story progresses, it is slowly veering away from where the TV series, considering the characters and how the plot is going. I was looking for the emotions that I felt when I was watching the TV series on the same part on the graphic novel where I will expect intense drama but it was not delivered the way how I expected it to be. I also have concerns with how the characters react to the situations in the book. I think that some are overly done. And what happened to Lori on this book, she’s too annoying. I understand that she’s pregnant but I don’t like how her moods and reactions shifts that sometimes I just skip reading her lines.

Other than those minor flaws, the second volume is still enjoyable. This still has some gory and action packed zombie-killing scenes which is at par with the first one. One of the reasons why I like this series is its unpredictability. Nobody knows who will die next. Nobody knows what’s in the mind of others. Nobody knows who will betray who. This is totally addictive. I’ll for sure keep reading the next volumes.

4 stars out of 5.

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