My Thoughs About Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews (Book Review #47)

Hilarious. Funny. Clever. *Insert other words synonymous to those three*.


5 stars out of 5.

Honestly, this is one of the funniest books that I’ve read in years. The jokes were very natural, especially the witty sarcasms of the characters, and they did not appear as forced. By that, the author was very successful in relaying the dialogues and messages on the book to its readers very effectively making it very easy for me to connect to the characters. The book is not at all just humorous. It also has depth and a good plot and character development.

The book follows the story of Greg, who’s trying to make it through high school without being noticed. Greg believes that high school is a place which composed of groups who spy, hate or has an issue with each other. Greg believes that if he’ll associate himself to any of the groups in his school like The Theater Group, The Jocs, The Stoners The Nerds etc., one of the groups would eventually have a reason to pick on him so it’s better to just blend with them. And so, he just casually speaks to everyone making them think that he’s the friend of everyone. He technically just has one friend at the school, Earl a kid who grew up from a problematic family which in turn made him foul mouthed, chain-smoking and ill-tempered. The plot of the story begins when Greg’s mother forces him (and Earl eventually) to befriend Rachel, a girl whom he briefly dated years ago to make another girl jealous who now has leukemia.

Greg is also in love with making movies and he do it with Earl who is also a great source for laughs. The movies they make are just for themselves. They don’t even share it with their family. They do loosely inspired remakes and sequel of their favorite movies. They believe that it’s not yet time for them to share it that’s why they just keep it to themselves. Rachel eventually became the third member of their team and he learned about the movies that the two are creating. Eventually, they let Rachel know their secret and let her watch the movies they created. Rachel’s dying wish to her new two friends is for them to make a new movie for her. Unfortunately, the said movie ends up being the “Worst Film Ever Made” as watched and judged by their whole school and Greg finds himself in the spotlight he has avoided from all his life.

I like the characters being frank. They are natural and authentic. They have flaws. They are colorful. The author painted a vivid picture of the characters. The author didn’t hesitate to show how Greg became so resentful at first towards being burdened by the illness of his friend. By doing that, the author was able to successfully make Greg’s character grow. From being someone who didn’t seem like he doesn’t care about his friend to someone who then realizes how much her dying was affecting him. It’s about Greg redefining himself. I understand who Greg was and how he grew. That’s the book’s strongest point.

It’s not a usual story. Despite being so hilarious the book is no way close in mocking those who has cancer ( the story of the dying girl is just like an accessory to the book). The book has a powerful message about how we handle life. It’s a quirky, honest and real novel about life and death. Death sucks and that’s the reason why we should enjoy every day of our lives to its fullest. We should accept things that happen to us. It’s okay to cry when things go wrong but we should not dwell on that feeling for long.

5 stars out of 5.

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