My Manila International Book Fair (MIBF 2015) Experience and Book Haul

MIBF or The Manila International Book Fair 2015 has come and go and I’m only blogging it now. -_- Sorry for this late post. 🙂



The Manila International Book Fair is an annual book fair in the Philippines that gathers local and international publishers in one venue for the delight of Filipino bookworms. It’s a five day event filled with book signings from local and international authors, book seminars, workshops and trainings. This is like the Philippine version of Book Expo America. Like the previous years, SMX Convention Center became the venue of the said event that draws thousands of book lovers every year. This year it ran from September 16-20.

This is my first time atending the book fair (I know it’s a shame knowing how I really love books). I have been planning to attend MIBF the previous years but life always get in the way. I decided to just go their blind and just not go crazy on book buying.


I went there on the second day of the five day event to accompany my workmate after work for a book signing. I was not actually planning to go that day since me and my friends are planning to go on the last day (which I later found out that is not a good idea) but changed my mind. I decided to accompany her but told my self not buy anything yet and just try to familiarize myself first with the booths so that I’ll know what booths to visit when I’ll be with my friends. I made a mental list list of what booths to visit and books to buy.

And yes, my first few minutes went well. I was just going to and fro the booths and checking books. But I was not able to control myself (nothing new). I happen to visit booths that sell books by local authors which I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about. And here are the books that I bought:


Si by Bob Ong (My Bob Ong collection is now complete!)

Trese 6: High Tide at Midnight by by Budjette Tan (Author) and Kajo Baldisimo (Illustrator) (I have now all the available Trese graphic novels!)

Si Janus Sílang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon (Janus Sílang #1)
by Edgar Calabia Samar

Si Janus Sílang at ang Labanáng Manananggal-Mambabarang (Janus Sílang #2)
by Edgar Calabia Samar

While in the middle of waiting for the last day of the book fair I learned that Edgar Calabia Samar, author of the two books that I bought the first time I went, will have a book signing on the last day of the event. So that gave me more reasons to go on the last day. And I went there only to be greeted by alot of people also wanting to enter the venue. It took me time to enter the venue and once I was inside the venue was jampacked. And I told myself that there’s no turning back now since I am already there and I need to have my books signed. So i bravely waded through the sea of people to go to the booth for the book signing. And I am glad that I did accomplish one thing.

Here’s the author signing my books.



I like how he personalized his messages to his fans. 🙂


After the book signing, I decided to visit the booths (which are mostly the big bookstores that have 20% off on all their titles) that I was planning to visit to buy the books that I was planning to buy and alas, the books are already out of stock. -_-

So I went home broken hearted. I realized though, that maybe it’s a sign that I have to reacd more and buy less. But nonetheless, I enjoy the book fair and I definitely definitely learned my lessons. NOW I KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT YEAR! I am also happy that for this year I did support local authors since I mostly purchase international titles.

And that’s it. That’s my adventure for this year’s MIBF. See you next year MIBF 2016! 🙂

Here are some of the photos that I took from the event featuring some creative booths  and of course boooooks. Enjoy! 🙂

The Tahanan Books booth with their children’s books.


The Rex Bookstore booth, one of the leading reference and school books publisher in the Philippines, that incorporated some items from the different regions of the Philippines.

12063818_1214986605183149_731934267481366237_n 12049621_1214986845183125_9020498976541776911_n

The University of the Philippines Press booth. There are also booths from Ateneo de Manila Unieversity, Far Eastern University and University of Santo Tomas.


The Vibal booth which is known for their school books.



The Summit Media booth which is famous for their books by Filipino celebrities.


Fully Booked Bookstore booth with all their titles having 20% off.


Haruki Murakami books from the Fully Booked booth. 🙂


Adarna House booth which was for me one of the most creative booths.


The Abiva booth, also known for their school text books, with their hot air balloon concept.


And the National Bookstore booth.


Some books from the National Bookstore booth. 🙂


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