My Thoughts About Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (Book Review #56)

4 stars out of 5.

The first Rainbow Rowell book that I read.

A cutesy-tootsy love story.

The book follows the story of two 16-year old misfits who fell in love with each other. Eleanor and Park lives in directly opposite lives. Eleanor lives with a complex, troublesome and poor family. She had to deal with living with her separated parents and come to terms with her stepfather. While Park, aside from having to deal with the expectations of his father, lives a perfect normal Asian family. His parents love each other a lot and his grandparents are also always there for him. Eleanor doesn’t let other people get in the way of living her life while Park always tries to be out of everyone’s way.


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The author for me was very effective in capturing a unique teen love story. The two meet at the bus going to school. It was Eleanor’s first day of school and being on her first day means no friends at first. The students at the bus don’t want to give her a seat until Park offered his. He offered the seat not in a kind way but in a rude way. From there, their love story started. They started from side glances until they started sharing their love for comic book and music until they started holding each other’s hands and starting to protect each other. The duration of their story on the book was marked with them having to deal with the people around them. The school where Park needs to protect Eleanor from her bullies and with their families where Park needs to deal with the complexities of Eleanor’s family and Eleanor having to deal to deal with her insecurities towards herself and thinking how she’ll fair with Park’s almost perfect family.

The book was written in dual perspective, from Eleanor and Park, which made the book even more realistic. I enjoyed the transition of the voices in narration between the two. I t was so easy to follow the story.

The author was able to connect each page of the book that made reading and relating to it very easy. I find myself smiling at some point reading the book. It is an absorbing story.

The author gave the readers unique and realistic characters. One can easily identify with the characters even when has not tried to be in tier situations. I felt the warmth. The emotion in the story was all so realistic.

The only thing that I annoys me the most on the book is on how Eleanor pities herself so much. How she doubts herself is just too much for me sometimes that it already gets too annoying.

But overall, I liked how the relationship blossomed and the in-between scenes. The author was able to capture the feeling of being in love at first sight.The book discussed is the power of first love. I showed how raw first love could be but how it can also turn out to be true. It also showed how it can be clouded by doubts the first time but also turn out to be enduring at the end.

The author gave a timeless story.

4 stars out of 5.


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