My Thoughts About The Walking Dead, Vol. 04: The Heart’s Desire (The Walking Dead #19-24) by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard (Illustrator), Cliff Rathburn (Illustrator) (Book Review #64)

“We become them!” “You think we hide behind walls to protect us from the walking dead! Don’t you get it? We are the walking dead!”

That line by Rick summed up what everyone in the group should remember. Rick accepted the fact that the world that they have known is no longer there and the only choice they have is to survive.

The fourth volume of The Walking Dead includes Issues 19 to 24.


Majority of the scenes in this volume talks about the relationship of each other in the group. Friendships are tested, some relationships broke down and new ones begin to grow. There’s the love connection between Glenn and Maggie, Dale and Andrea and Tyreese and Carol. We also have the growing friendship between Carl and Sophia then the at time rocky relationship between Rick and Tyreese. Each one of them dealing with the other’s vulnerability with the situation they’re at. Like what I noticed on the third volume, the zombies just became the backdrop story for the series. The main focus shifted to the relationship among the characters, how each character is tested to see who will fight or who will give up. The fear shifted from the zombies roaming outside the prison to the people who lives with them.

As for the characterization in this volume, I like how raw the reactions of the characters are under the different amount of circumstances they’re at and what humanity is capable of doing. Stress and tension is wearing everybody at and the author and the illustrator depicted and delivered it well. Everyone in the group is on the edge of breaking down which is not totally surprising considering the world they’re at. We continue to see the depth of human psyche. I like how the characters are very unique and natural. They are not all like-able but all are relate-able.

In this volume I started to notice what the other reviewers are noticing about the series, women are are not that strongly depicted. There is no women among the group who exhibits strength in character as what is being enjoyed by the male characters. On the series, they are depicted as just someone who can help with the chores like watching over the children, helping in cleaning the quarters, sewing and you can’t see them taking part in major decision making. I have high hopes that in the next coming volumes the female characters will be developed more as that of their male counterpart.

One of my favorite characters in the TV series also finally came. Michonne is here. I was very excited knowing how strong her character is in the TV series but then I got disappointed. How I was expecting her to be in the comics is very different. She annoyed me. I’ve been looking forward to her appearance since day one. Her entrance was promising with the samurai sword and two zombies chained to her that serves as her protection, but then as soon as she was inside the prison walls her character became boring and slut-y. Her actions in the comics is not giving justice to how she was portrayed in the TV series. I really hope that the tides will change the next coming volumes.

The artwork is still detailed as usual. I like how sometimes the whole page is dedicated to one single character which shows the intricacies of the drawing.

As always, this volume is still fast paced. Death comes quick to some and some of the characters are not even long enough for me to feel their presence.

The whole story line is still gripping. Still unexpected. Still shocking. There is no stopping now from me going on with the series.

4 stars out of 5.

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