My Thoughts About Trese Comic Book Volume 3 (Mass Murders) (Book Review #67)

Out of the three volumes that I’ve read, this is by far the best of the bunch.

This is different to the first two volumes in the sense that it does not follow Alexandra solving jobs with supernatural origins in the current Philippine setting on each chapter but instead the book follows Alexandra’s life when she was still young serving as an assistant to her father, Anton. On in short, this volume served as the prequel of the series. The book also follow the history of the Trese family and the half-human and half aswang assistants of Trese, the Kambal.


Reading this volume made me even more appreciate the series as a whole because it made me understand some major questions that’s bothering me on the previous volumes. The biggest revelation for me was how the Kambal got associated with Alexandra and why they seem to be inseparable. I now even more appreciate how and where the book is going.

This volume is also the thickest among the six volumes currently out and it lived up to its thickness. Each page is packed with intense scenes. The writer and the author didn’t let me down as they showed how flawless their collaboration is. The writing and the art were for me perfectly executed. They showed the intensity and depth of each other. Just brilliant.

Since this novel covers the history of Alexandra, this volume has the most character development among the three that I’ve read. I was able to better understand how Alexandra acts because that’s how she was raised and how she values her family. The back story presented, although totally engrossing, is still quite shady at some parts but I have high hopes that the next volumes will shed some light to that.

Living up to the tradition of the first two volumes, this book, like I said did not let me down. This volume was able to surpass the energy of the first two volumes. It is the most visually appealing too. Both the writer and the artist are in their best form, I believe, while working on this volume. Both the artwork and the writing is solid and consistent.


Now jumping on the fourth volume. 🙂

5 stars out of 5.

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts About Trese Comic Book Volume 3 (Mass Murders) (Book Review #67)

    1. Have you read the books by Edgar Samar? Specifically his Janus Silang series? It oh-so-awsome! It also incorporates Pinoy folklore and mythology. I have read the two books that are currently out and I’ll be posting my review soon. 🙂


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