My Thoughts About Trese Comic Book Volume 4 (Last Seen After Midnight) (Book Review #68)

5 stars out of 5. And it’s just getting better and better!

Each time I read a volume of Trese I always have high expectations and with all honesty, the book is not a let down. It’s like the story and the art just keeps on improving every volume. This volume is just as good as its predecessors. This volume follows some new adventures of Alexandra Trese and the Kambal (Twins) in helping the authorities solve crime of supernatural causes in Metro Manila.


The first story, Cadena de Amor, follows an old woman who has the capability of spreading vines. The second story, A Private Collection, is about a rich hunter who collects mythical creatures. The third, Wanted: Bedspacers, is about a new take on Bangungot (Nightmare), more of who ant what causes it. And lastly, The Fight of the Year, a story about a boxer who made a deal, selling his soul for rich and fame, with a rich man that he’ll fights mythical creatures each year to save his town being one of the most awaited event where the demons and creatures of the underworld converge. This part opened a potential subplots with the introduction of Sytan, who is the devil in the Trese universe who for sure will retaliate after Alexandra burned down on of his business.

Among the five stories, it’s the story of Bangungot that I enjoyed the most. I like the originality of how the book interpreted why people die from sleep. In the book, bangungot is interpreted as a spirit who joins people who are going through tough times, the spirit goes with the person, trying to keep their hearts from breaking by holding it, sometimes too tight that the person dies. It has this romantic vibe that I really enjoyed. And the artwork interpretation is again, commendable. In terms of artwork, the last one really is for me the one that has the most impact. The author and artist also finally decided to do a make over of Trese when she attended a party. She appeared in the party fully made up and wearing a sexy black dress. It will no long be a surprise if in the coming volumes we’ll see Alexandra having a romantic interest. All hail!


This volume has more action scenes than the previous volumes and the artwork really did give more intensity to the fight scenes. I noticed that the drawings are now more crisp and detailed. The intensity of Alexandra being nearly beaten really got me at the edge of my seat.

One of the best thing also about this volume is the book binding. Aside from it’s sturdier, it now has a plastic dust jacket which I didn’t notice when I first got my copies.

This volume still continue to use its well-tested formula of mixing pop culture and Philippine general events plus the touches of Philippine folklore. This volume truly delivers! I’m looking forward to read the next one.

5 stars out of 5.

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