My Thoughts About Trese Comic Volume #5 (Midnight Tribunal) (Book Review #69)

I didn’t expect too much prior to me reading this since I really did enjoy Trese 4. I can’t say that Trese 5 was a let down but I still prefer Trese 4 over this in terms of the graphic quality. But in terms of story, this volume turned out to be like the turning point of all the future volumes that are to be released. While reading this, I noticed that there is now a direction where the the story leads as more and more characters are revealed and more back stories are being shared giving the present story it’s needed strong ground. The question of where the story leads to after four volumes now has an answer. I can now see the continuity and connection between the volumes.


The series follows the adventures of Alexandra Trese and the Kambal (Twins) in helping the authorities solve crime of supernatural causes in Metro Manila. Unlike the previous volumes where each chapter narrates different stories, this volume covers just one story and divided by chapters with the stories converging at the end. This volume gave the series its needed depth having just one story arc. It is wider in scope as it involved a little about Trese’s personal life.

This new volume follows the story of Alexandra as she tries to catch a new superhero that just appeared while Trese and the Kambal are trying to catch a corpse snatcher at a local morgue. The new superhero has a speed faster than the speed of light, takes justice on his own hands, meddles with Alexandra’s works and has created a strong following over the internet. What Alexandra will find after is much deeper than what she thought it was. Old characters resurfaced like the young tikbalang bachelor who I believe will now become a mainstay in the upcoming volumes and the nuno and Santelmo who’s always been the confidants to Alexandra. We’s also introduced to one of Alexandra’s brothers who works as a professor in the university. Then there’s “Madame” who’s like a new nemesis of Alexandra. And also the Kambal who’s always been noted for their humor. In this volume they gave more funny quips, antics and lines.


I also like how the series continuously give tribute to local Filipino superheroes. Mars Ravelo’s Captain Barbell was given highlight in this volume. I like how the Tan and Baldisimo creates a parallel universe for their creation and the superheroes.

Exciting as always with solid storytelling and amazing art. It did not disappoint. I’m excited to read the upcoming volumes of this series. And yes, Alexandra’s love life is blossoming.

4 stars out of 5.


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