My Thoughts About Trese Comic Volume #6 (High Tide at Midnight) (Book Review #70)

Just, just perfect! I’m out of words to describe how good this volume is. Having just started reading the series this year, I can’t imagine the agony of the avid readers of the series in waiting for the next volumes. I was actually contemplating if I’ll read this volume knowing that it will again take months before Trese 7 comes out. But I really can’t help it because Trese 5 was such a cliffhanger. This volume is the thickest among those that were previously released and it lived up to the expectations.


I had goosebumps while reading this volume. I believe that Baldisimo and Tan were on top of their games with this volume. The writing is exquisite, engrossing and totally well thought of. And the artwork? It’s glorious! It’s more refined and detailed. I can’t ask for more with how good the writing and artwork is. For avid fans, it’s really worth the wait. And yes, being one of the fans, this is by far the best volume for me.

This book follows the same format as that of Trese 5, wherein one story is divided into chapters instead of one story per chapter like the first four volumes. In this volume the author presented compelling back stories of the Trese clan which tied some loose ends. It was great to explore more of the back stories about Alexandra’s clan specifically those relating to her brothers. I am looking forward to reading more about the history of the new characters that were added. I also like how the author was able to interweave stories that we’re featured in the previous volumes and connect it with the present. The author was able to properly introduce the readers to the bigger picture at hand and it really gives a lot of room as to what needs to be expected in the coming volumes. The ending gave clues as to where the book is heading. The tandem of Baldisimo and Tan have already mastered the art of interweaving Philippines folklore, urban legends and local brands and personalities to the series.


I am glad that this novel added some new set of characters to aid Alexandra in dealing with supernatural forces of evil that lurks in the Metro in this modern age. The book has now this X-Men-ish type of thing going on which I totally find cool. There’s one who has a metal hand, one who moves like the speed of light, one who controls the wind and two who master the water element among others. By doing that, Alexandra became more human by making her appear to be not that invincible.

In this volume our heroes dealt with sea monsters that lurks in the floodwaters wanting to gain control of the city. The creatures became more powerful and created a lot of casualties as a drug circulated in the black market that let the creatures have the abilities of other creatures. It’s also not just another volume that only involves fight scenes. This volume also involves conspiracies from different tribes of supernatural creatures with humans who wants to gain popularity from the masses. Madame’s presence posses a great danger in the stability of the balance between the connection of the underworld and the humans. It looks like a war is looming.

Graphic novels are not really my cup of tea but this series continues to amaze me with every volume that I read. The series really deserves to be awarded the Philippine National Book Award for Best Graphic Literature. I can’t contain my excitement to read the next volumes! Kudos to Sir Balidisimo and Sir Tan for they outdo themselves in this volume! 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts About Trese Comic Volume #6 (High Tide at Midnight) (Book Review #70)

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