My Thoughts About Si Janus Silang at ang Labanang Manananggal-Mambabarang by Edgar Calabia Samar (Book Review #74)

After finishing the first book in the series, I’ve contemplated if I’ll immediately continue on reading the next. Not that I didn’t enjoy the first one but because the first book is a total cliffhanger and I’m afraid that this book will be the same. The third book won’t be out anytime soon and I don’t want to find myself agonizing in waiting for the next book. But then, I was not able to control myself, I should’ve hidden the book elsewhere instead of just put it where I always see it. I tried reading other books but this book is like calling my name, and yes, I grabbed it and read it (I’m weak! :D)


Hands down to the author for keeping up with how good the first book was. It’s definitely not a let down from the first book. It’s exhilarating. The author really knows how to entertain his readers and really know how to work with his characters.

The book starts four months after the incident that happened in Book 1. Janus now lives in Rizal, with his new friend Joey and all the other Bagani and Pusong who belongs to Joey’s clan. Janus now attends a different school, now lives in a new place and mingles with a different set of people but the pain that happened to him is still fresh to him and with that comes the questions that he wants to get answers to.

I can say the the first book is more action-packed than this second book but I must say that despite that, this book delivered the same excitement which is at par with the first one. This second volume focused more about the history and background about the new world that Janus is now in. The book also further developed the connection between Janus and the other characters. The author introduced some new characters which made the book even more exciting like the twins Miro and Mira and Ester who holds an important part in the story specifically to Janus that has something to do with the pain that he feels in his heart when he feels bad.

Well thought off. How the author connected and tied everything together makes this book so good. Like in the first book, I like how this book make me guess and be surprised with the unexpected twists. The pacing helped me not to let go of the book. I always find myself always wanting to know what happens next and (again) finding myself finishing the book and wanting more.


The mystery feel of this book is deeper than the first one. The author again used his formula of using subplots to work with the main plot with a lot of twists in between. The world of Janus expanded and more back stories were provided. It’s not hard to feel immersed with the book.

One thing that is also commendable with this book is how the author created distinct secondary characters. The author was able to provide them with unique stories. Miro, who’s gay,is like ray of sunshine to the story. His character is portrayed as a normal teen gay without any presence of pretensions coming from the author. His lines are always witty and funny. And then the ending. Just why? Why? The ending just totally numbed me with my senses. I should’ve prepared myself and learned my lessons when I first read book 1, but no, I was still caught off guard. The ending was just totally unexpected. It’s heartbreaking.

Pacing and the interplay of scenes helped me not to let go of the book. I find myself always wanting to know what happens next and (again) finding myself finishing the book and wanting more. Since the world expanded there are a lot of things that needs explaining for readers to fully understand the book and where it’s heading this book has a lot of lengthy and unbroken narrative part which I had a little hard time to read. The author made sure though that it won’t be a reason to be bored, drop the book and look for other book to read. The author’s mixing of scenes makes those parts not noticeable. This book has the right mixture of action, thrill and comedy.

As expected the ending is again a cliffhanger. There are still a lot of questions that needs answer which I believed is not a bad thing because it made want to read more of the book. I am excited what happens next in the book. The agony begins as I have to wait for a year for the next book to come out which now has a tile of Si Janus Silang at ang Pitumpu’t Pitong Pusong.

*I bought my books 1 and 2 copies during the Manila International Book Fair and I got the author to sign my books. 🙂


Read my review of the first book, Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon, here.


Author: Edgar Calabia Samar
Format: Paperback
Part of a Series: Yes. Janus Silang #2.
Release Year: 2015
Publisher: Adarna House
No. of Pages: 201 pages
Price: 150.00Php (Bought during the Manila International Book Fair. The regular price of the book is 195.00 Php)


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