My 2016 Reading Resolutions and Reading Goals

And it’s that time of the year again, the time that we set our intentions for the new year. I am not a fan of setting resolutions but when I think about my reading life last year, despite being a good reading year for me, it’s not well planned out. By this resolution, I hope that I will have a direction to follow in the hopes that I will have a better reading life than last year.:)

autumn moments (2)

Here are my reading resolutions for this year.

1. Read diversely. 2016 will definitely be a year for me to explore more book genres that I usually set aside and also new authors that do not usually get the spotlight. 🙂

2. Read more non-fiction books. I checked my Goodreads account and non-fiction books is one of the genres that I have not read much. I have some biographies in my shelf and I believe they are the books where I should start.

3. Read more books by local authors. I had a good reading experience with the Filipino authors that I read last year and I am very much excited for the books that I’ll be reading this year.

4. Read more poetry books and books of plays. Reading and understanding poems and plays is one of the subjects that I hated when I was still in school and that I believe is the reason why I am avoiding books of those genres. SOme people may find reading poems and plays as relaxing but for me I find it very tedious and complicated. But hey, thanks to Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav, poetry has now a litle place in my heart. Continuing my “read more diversely” resolution, I know I have to expand my horizon in terms of reading.

5. Read one classic book per month. This is one of the thing that I’ve tried doing last year but failed. I enjoy reading classics and I have a lot of classics in my shelf but I guess, I am not just feeling some of them. Reading and reviewing a classic per month will be definitely be a thing happening in my blog this year.

6. Join a book club. I am a member of a Goodreads book club that meets every month to discuss the book of the month. I’ve been always wanting to go but life always get in the way. I’ll do my best to be active in the discussions this year. 🙂

7. Post regularly here in my book blog. Again, this is one thing that I acknowledged on my Top 15 Books of 2015 post. Like I said, I won’t promise anything but definitely expect better content and regular post here in my blog. And again, thank you for sticking around.

8. And lastly and most importantly, READ MORE AND BUY LESS! This for me, I know, will be the hardest to accomplish. -_- You can’t trust me if I say that I will enter a bookstore and go out without a book at hand. I can’t promise that I’ll no longer be buying any book because that will totally not be happening but I am really hoping that I will have the courage to fight the urge to buy a book every other day like what I did last year. I’ll be reading more from my TBR shelf that has really got out of hand. I’ll really try try not to buy any new books until I’ve read a significant amount of book on my shelf. I am really crossing my fingers on this one! 😀

Hey! Ho!Let's Go!

By the end of the year, I’ll check on how I will fare. Good luck to me and to all of you who are also planning to have their own reading resolutions. 😉

So how was your holiday? Are you planning to have your own reading resolution and reading goals for this year? Have you had one last year? How did it go? Let me know your thoughts. 🙂

UPDATE (posted January 04, 2016): The 16 Books that I Am Excited to Read this 2016

7 thoughts on “My 2016 Reading Resolutions and Reading Goals

  1. I might just have to steal a few of your resolutions! Many of my resolutions have simply been: “Read more, blog more” XD This year at school, we’re doing two plays: Romeo and Juliet and Twelve Angry Men. I just r finished TAM and really enjoyed it, so if you haven’t read that, I definitely recommend it as a classic! Also, I should definitely join a GR book club. AND ALSO. You should never feel ashamed of entering a bookshop and leaving with a book no matter what. It’s a definite sign that you love books more than people. In the post that I’ve just linked you to, number twelve says that “you’ve bought books at the bookstore because they looked lonely” which is basically the story of my life XD


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