Blog Update + Announcement

After giving it a long thought, I finally decided to create a Facebook page for my blog. Woot! Woot! Yesterday was my birthday and it’s today that I am officially launching it. More of like my birthday gift to myself. 🙂


Well, to start, it was not at all easy for me to finally end up with that decision. It took me time to decide because I have to consider a lot of factors. One, which is my main concern, is time. Managing a FB page is not an easy feat. I have already tried being a co-admin of some FB pages before and the greatest challenge is to keep the readers engaged. And for the readers to be engaged, the page should have regular and interesting posts. And to have regular and interesting posts, you should research, research and research. And to research for interesting topics, you should have plenty of time. But with the soul of a book warrior, I still continued it.

The reason why I created this blog is also the reason why I created it’s FB page. That is to spread the love of reading. Time, of course, will definitely become an issue but I am really serious with my goal. I am not considering it as an extra baggage but as an additional challenge. Like what I promised on my goals and resolutions list for this year, I’ll be more serious in blogging and part of it is extending to other platforms like the social media.

I hope you guys support me in this like how you support me here. My plan is to post bookish stuffs like picture quotes from books and authors, bookish trivia and bookish news. I created it last week and it now has a quite a handful of content.

Here is the link for my blog’s FB page:

And here are some samples:




And here are my other social media accounts where you can also check me:


Again, thank you guys for everything. I hope for your continuous support. Any recommendation or feedback that you can provide me will be very much appreciated.

See you there! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blog Update + Announcement

  1. Congratulations on the fb page! A lot of people have been asking me to make one too for my blog. Mainly because they are not on WordPress and they want to read the blogs without me having to send them links on whatsapp. But I completely agree with you it’s extremely difficult to manage a page. Even I have co-run a fb page related to books only and it is difficult to keep up. Specially if there are other things happening in your life. But I hope I gather enough courage, like you, to make one this year only. I hope you are able to maintain your page and it becomes a huge success 🙂
    All the best girl 🙂

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