My Thoughts About Lullabies by Lang Leav (Book Review #85)

Imagine reading a book that will literally lull you to sleep. This book is one of those. I am saying it in a god way though.


Since it’s love month, I decided to delve into another Lang Leav book. Lullabies is Lang Leav’s second poetry book, with Love and Misadventure being the first one. I read, enjoyed and reviewed that book and made it to my list of the best books I enjoyed last year. I am not a fan of poems but Lang Leav’s works connected to me in a way that I find distinct. I didn’t find it hard to immerse and connect myself to her works which is my primary concern with other poem collections.

Lullabies is a comforting read that provokes emotions. Using a familiar tone and style that he used in her first book, her new one offers a more in-depth discussion of the universal language that is spoken by the world, that is love. One of the reasons why I believe, I didn’t find it hard to connect to her books is because of its use of language and writing style that even those who isn’t into poetry can enjoy. She writes poems concisely using simple but elaborate language that flows in it’s own rhythm.


The book is thicker than than the first one and features illustrations by Leav herself. The book has three parts: “Duet,” “Interlude” and “Finale” with illustrations accompanying each. The book has a wide array of romantic tales that a variety of people can definitely connect to. The poems are open to interpretations depending on what the readers are currently feeling. It has poems about desires, yearnings, losses of people about love. From love’s beginning, to blossoming, the climax, the denouement and the aftermath, the book provokes emotion. The author works wonder with words and she knows how to put her feelings into it. It is very imminent how she writes from the heart and captures different emotions very well. It wont’s be a surprise if you find yourself reading a poem that you feel was written for you.

“Lullabies” is good, but I still consider “Love & Misadventures” as better. They follow the same style and structure and both are uniquely appealing but I find the latter as more cohesive in structure that the former but nonetheless that opinion does not diminish the fact the this book is a gem. It offers a unique story if read in order but can also be explored by reading randoms bits of it. Nostalgic at times, it is relatable to those who have fallen in love and brokenhearted.


There are some poems in each collection that veers away from the traditional rules to tell her tales showing how the author is taking the risk which I love from the author. It is also noticeable how this book has more prose weaved into it which could mean that the author is giving the readers a peak to her next works, a novel probably. I’ll definitely look forward for the author’s next book.

4 stars out of 5.


Author: Lang Leav
Format: Kindle
Source: Bought
Part of a Series: Standalone
Release Year: September 2014
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
No. of Pages: 250 pages

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