Book Blog Feature #10: Book Quotes from The Vegetarian by Han Kang

We all know now the drill. I really enjoyed reading The Vegetarian by Han Kang and it deserves another feature here in my blog. Here are the lines and quotes that I enjoyed from the book. 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

“This was the body of a beautiful young woman, conventionally an object of desire, and yet it was a body from which all desire had been eliminated. But this was nothing so crass as carnal desire, not for her—rather, or so it seemed, what she had renounced was the very life that her body represented.”
― Han Kang, The Vegetarian


“Her life was no more than a ghostly pageant of exhausted endurance, no more real than a television drama. Death, who now stood by her side, was as familiar to her as a family member, missing for a long time but now returned.”
― Han Kang, The Vegetarian


“Why, is it such a bad thing to die?”
― Han Kang, The Vegetarian


“The feeling that she had never really lived in this world caught her by surprise. It was a fact. She had never lived. Even as a child, as far back as she could remember, she had done nothing but endure. She had believed in her own inherent goodness, her humanity, and lived accordingly, never causing anyone harm. Her devotion to doing things the right way had been unflagging, all her successes had depended on it, and she would have gone on like that indefinitely. She didn’t understand why, but faced with those decaying buildings and straggling grasses, she was nothing but a child who had never lived.”
― Han Kang, The Vegetarian


“Time was a wave, almost cruel in its relentlessness”
― Han Kang, The Vegetarian


I hope you did enjoy this edition of book quotes. 🙂 To know more about my thoughts about the book, click here

What book/books have you enjoyed recently? Have you also already read The Vegetarian by Han Kang? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know your thoughts and let’s chat below. 🙂

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