My Anvil Publishing Grand Christmas Sale 2016 Experience + Book Haul

Hey fellow Filipino bookworms! Here’s the book sale that everyone’s talking about since it started, it’s the Anvil Publishing Grand Christmas Sale! I just went there for the second time and I thought I can share here with you my experience (+ tips and directions) to help those who are planning to have a visit. πŸ™‚


If I were to compare the selection of books during the first day and today, well as I was expecting, there’s much lesser selection of books left. But the good thing is I was able to still score great number of books, books that I never saw on my first visit despite browsing the shelves for over two hours. I no longer saw any young adult books, there’s still a few classics, there’s still a lot of books by local authors but the majority of the books available are reference books that, without any exaggeration, it seems like they almost have books for every known topic, from law books to calculus, to theology books to paranormal.

I have friends who were there when the gates opened on the sale’s first day. And yes, they are a little luckier because they were able to get good titles. I’m really hoping that they will restock these titles. Here’s what they got:

Thank you Glenn for allowing me to post this picture of your haul. Follow him on IG, @kingkrasher27
Thank you Glenn for allowing me to post this picture of your haul. Follow him on IG, @kingkrasher27

If you’re planning to hoard up some books to add to your to-be-read pile or looking for some reference books for a subject that you are going to take next semester or just want to be familiar with a certain subject, do try to drop-by and visit because you never know what you’ll discover. The price range is from P5-P500.

The Anvil Publishing Grand Christmas Sales is from October 25 to December 10, 2016 (except holidays) from 10 AM to 7 PM at No. 25 Brixton St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.


Her’s where it is located.


1. Ride any MRT train or bus and get off at MRT Boni station.
2. Walk towards Robinsons Pioneer and look for the tricycle terminal located on the left side of the mall.


3. Ask the driver to drop you at the corner of Pioneer St. and Reliance St. (the landmark is McDonalds).


4. There’s a tricycle terminal on the left side of the McDonalds. Ask the driver to drop you off at the West Drive Capitol entrance of the Anvil Publishing Warehouse.
5. There’s a tarpaulin outside the warehouse announcing the sale so you won’t get lost.



6. Voila! You’re there!
7. Going home, there are tricycles that’s usually waiting outside the warehouse. The driver will drop you off at McDonalds.


Here are some shots that I took inside the warehouse to give you an idea.







And here are the books that I got! πŸ™‚




I will surely return!

Things to take note before going:
1. Be there early.
2. Wear comfortable clothing or bring extra clothing if you can. Take note that it’s a warehouse sale. Don’t expect that the area will be air conditioned.
3. Bring water or any liquid to hydrate you if you’re planning to stay there long as the area can really get humid and hot.
4. Bring face mask or hand sanitizer especially if you’re allergic to dust.
5. Manage your expectations. Not all books are in mint condition and some books that you’re expecting may not be available.
6. Patience. Patience. Patience.
7. Bring eco-bags (and help save the earth).

For updates, you can check Anvil Publishing’s website or follow its social media accounts:

Have you been to the sale? What books did you buy? Are you also planning to go back like me? πŸ™‚

NOTE: The first three pictures in the directions part were all grabbed from Google Street View with a capture date of April 2014. Some landmarks might appear differently.


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  1. how much was the fare from Boni station? sorry, I don’t really get out of the house often so I am hopeless when it come to going out and exploring πŸ˜€


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