My 2017 Reading Resolutions and Reading Goals

Cheers! Happy New Year everyone! A new year. A new chapter. It’s all but fitting to start my year with my goals and resolutions that will (hopefully) direct my blogging life this year. I also created one like this last year and I did accomplish some but totally failed with the others (*coughs* Classics *coughs*). I shouldn’t be trusting myself considering how my list turned out last year but I realized that it’s always good to have something like this that I will glanced at once in a while and check where I’m at. Majority of what I’ll post below were recycled from last year. I’ll be pointing out what I accomplished and my plans to do better on the sections that I missed.

Here are my reading resolutions for this year.

1. Read diversely. I must say that I did well on this section last year. I did not contain myself in reading just one genre and I am planning to continue that one this year. I set my Goodreads goal to 52 books this year so expect a diverse selection of books on that list once this year ends. πŸ™‚

2. Read more non-fiction books. Two of the best books that I read from last year were non-fiction books so that gives me the motivation to read more from this genre this year. One book a month is my goal. Hopes. Hopes. Hopes.

3. Read more books by local authors. This is the section, I must say, that I did the best last year. I quite read a lot of Filipino authors this year and I have quite a few local books lined up for me to read this year so expect more Filipino book reviews and discussions.

4. Read one classic book per month. Can we just skip this one? *Laughs* Just kidding. In my pursuit to have my blog be diverse as possible, I know I should be more serious in tackling this challenge of reading more classics this year. One book a month will be a hard feat for me so I’ll lower it down to a more attainable goal, which is six. Do you have any titles that you can recommend me?


5. Join a book club. Probably not happening again because of my schedule. Though I have my weekends free, I usually am too lazy to go out. But let’s see, I’ll keep this section open for possibilities.

6. Post regularly here in my book blog. Assessing myself, I can say that I did well on this section last year except for the month of September when I only had 5 outputs. For this one, I can add that I’ll try to be more active in the blogosphere. I’ll try to reach out to more book bloggers and collaborate with them if there’s a chance. I’ll also try to be more active in my social media accounts specially in Twitter and be more responsive in commenting back.

7. READ MORE AND BUY LESS! I shouldn’t be adding this one because I know that I’ll eventually fail this. For the “read more” part, that’s easily doable but the “buy less” part, that for me will definitely be hard. I’m just hoping that this year won’t be that as stressful as last year as I’m more likely to buy books when I’m stressed out.

8. Read more of my ARCS. I still have quite a few ARCS sent to me by publishers that I’ll definitely get around to this year. Publishers trusted me and sent me the books so this is definitely a priority for me.

9. RELAX AND BREATH. If there is one thing that I learned from my reading life last year, that’s to never pressure my self. Worrying and cramming will lead to nothing as it will just lead me to reading less. I’ll just take my time and stop when needed be. All these that I included in my reading goals will just serve as my guide. No pressure. πŸ™‚

How was your 2016 in terms of reading? What are your bookish goals and resolutions this year? Let me know your thoughts and let’s talk down in the comments section. πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “My 2017 Reading Resolutions and Reading Goals

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