My Thoughts About Trese Comic Book Volume #2 (Unreported Murders) (Book Review #16)

And it is getting better and better!


Trese: Unreported Murders is the second volume in the Trese series by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo.

It is my habit of picking up short reads while I am in the middle of reading long novels. And I am happy that I eventually picked up this second volume. It was not so long time ago when I finished reading the first volume. I can say that the second volume in the series is even more better. That is in terms of storyline, depth and animation. The story still revolves around justice.

Same as with the first volume, the second volume has four stories in it. The first being A Little Known Murder in Studio which is a story of an actress who was helped by a creature (no name was given and I am not sure if it was an elf or what) rise to fame but eventually got blinded by fame and money; the second, The Outpost on Kalayaan Street, which is about an onslaught of zombies; the third, Embrace of the Unwanted, which is about tiyanaks (baby gremlins) roaming in a mall; and lastly, The Association Dues of Livewell Village, which is about a village that sacrifices lives of people to a lightning god to continuously get a good life.

The second volume has more references to things that are really present like well known individuals and things with of course touches of urban legend and Filipino folklore. This volume/series continuously amuse me as how it gives fresh views about that subject despite being used numerous times. Being so like akin to the present I feel like I live among the characters in the story. Like for instance, the series has a TV station called ABC-ZNN, actresses called Heather Evangelista and Nova Aurora, shopping malls named Magna Mall, Megawatt Mall and Robertson Mall an an emectric company called Maharlika Electric Company. How witty is that!

The second series is more intense than the first volume. And I was thrilled that they incorporated zombies! The Walking Dead is my most favorite TV series (second being the Game of Thrones :D) and having zombies around Metro Manila got me really thrilled (not that I’m wishing it to happen in real life of course :P).


Although this second series shed some light to  the background of the characters, I am still hungry for more. Hopefully the third book, which is much thicker than the first two volumes, will shed some light on the back stories of some of the characters.

Overall, this is a good follow up to the first volume. I hope it will continue its consistency until the last volume. 🙂


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